How to Lose Weight: Best Five Tips to Reduce Your Weight

how to lose weight


Everyone wants to look beautiful. However, beauty also has certain standards and everyone wants to fit in it. As far as it is happening in a healthy way, it is not bad. Many women want to be of a certain shape and size.

Losing the excessive fat and toning the whole body is a dream of many women. Men are also looking to eliminate the fat and flaunt a chiseled look. Also, losing weight and maintaining an optimum weight is a healthy practice.

If you are also wondering how to lose weight, then make a proper plan and follow it with utmost dedication. The weight loss industry introduces new trends every second day. From eat and run to massive portion controls, every trend is emerging in the market.

Although, it is important to understand your body type and body patterns. It is important to choose a weight loss diet chart based on that only.

Some diets can work in favor of certain people while some diets do not work at all. It is all about understanding your body and choosing a plan which you can carry on for a longer time.

Our bodies respond to different foods differently and so, choose foods which you have been eating since childhood. Your body will react to them in a better way. Also, remember that losing weight cannot be an easy fix. Do not expect results overnight. It is a long process and thus, dedication and consistency will help you to reach your goal.

How to reduce weight in a healthy way?

Well, you will find a lot of different answers and strategies for this particular question. There is a lot of information available on the internet, social media and even diet books. Some of them would advise you to eat less while some of them will ask you to exercise twice a day.

Some will ask you to avoid sugar while some of them might suggest eliminating carbohydrates from your diet completely. The confusion arises because there are a lot of suggestions available.

The answer to the question of how to lose weight fast is that one size does not fit all and the same way one method alone will not work for all. Our bodies respond to different foods differently because our genetics are different and so are our health factors.

Some bodies respond well to a restrictive diet which includes counting calories while some bodies respond to a weight loss diet chart which has freedom of experimentation. The freedom of just cutting back fried food or sugary food helps people stick to their diet for a longer time which brings great results.

Do not be mad at yourself if the diet is too restrictive, and you cannot stick to it. Try taking small steps and work a way out accordingly. Read on to find the answers to your question of how to reduce your weight.

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  • Cut down on added Calories

how to lose weight fast

All you need to do is cut down on the wrong calories and consume the right calories. The process does not look or seem easy. It is because people often confuse both the procedures. It is important to remember that weight loss is not a linear movement.

When you cut down the extra calories, you start losing weight at first. However, after some weeks your body gets used to the reduced amount of calories and adjusts accordingly. Thus, you do not lose more weight after a particular period of time.

In order to drop weight continuously, you will have to continue dropping calories from your diet. Plan a weight loss diet chart where you cut down on sugar the first week, then cut down on fried food the next week and so on.

Also, remember that 100 calories of different items work differently on your body. For example, 100 calories of chocolate syrup work differently on your body as compared to 100 calories of broccoli. The whole idea is to choose 100 calories that are healthy and make you feel fuller.

  • Physical activity is the key

Do not be under the impression that if you are eating right, you can skip exercise. Many people are very lazy to work out or cannot find enough time to exercise. This is not a very good idea.

Exercising helps in increasing the metabolism rate of the body which helps in losing weight. Also, physical activity regulates blood sugar levels and blood pressure in the body which ensures the workings of the internal organs.

how to reduce weight

Many people have the question of how to lose weight and the best answer to that is adding physical activity in the routine. Exercise helps in digesting and ingesting the food both. If you get bored of a particular exercise, then continue changing the form every three months. It is a good idea to indulge in some kinds of sports as well.

  • Cut down on Carbohydrates

Sometimes weight in the body retains not because of calories but, because of the body which accumulates fat after consuming carbohydrates. What happens is that when you consume a meal, carbs from the food enter the bloodstream as glucose. The body usually burns this glucose to keep the blood sugar levels in check. This procedure eliminates the fat burning process.

If you are eating carbohydrate-rich meals which include rice, pasta, bread or wheat, your body plans on releasing the insulin to burn the glucose in your blood. Apart from regulating the blood sugar level, insulin does two other things. It prevents all the fat cells to release fat from the body to burn as fuel. This is because the body identifies burning glucose as a priority.

weight loss diet charts

Also, it creates more fat cells and thus, stores the other fats there which results in weight gain. This is the main reason your body gains weight. Also, it becomes a vicious cycle because your body requires more fuel to burn the fat and thus, you eat more.

Also, insulin only burns carbs and thus, you crave carbs only. The whole idea is to eliminate carbs step by step in your diet and start seeing the changes.

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  • Include different drinks in your diet

There are a lot of different weight loss drinks that help you lose weight. They basically aid the digestion process and also help in eliminating excess water from the body. Some of the amazing weight loss drinks include:

Green Tea: It helps in maintaining the weight of the body. Also, it is filled with antioxidants which help the body. Matcha is the best form of green tea as it contains high amounts of catechins which increase the fat burning process by aiding the metabolism.

weight loss drinks

Lemon and Honey in warm water: Lemon is said to cut the excess fat of the body. Also, it is known as a weight loss drink because drinking it on empty stomach speeds the metabolism which helps you reduce weight.

Water: Well, this might seem like a very simple drink but it is very effective. It will benefit your waistline by keeping you full in between meals. You will not eat unnecessary snacks in between the meals. Studies show that drinking water between meals can help you cut down on calories which can again help you in losing your weight.

  • Reduce the intake of fat

If you do not want to get fat, do not eat fat. It is as simple as that. You need to understand that low-fat snacks will also not work. You will have to completely stop eating all the packaged food products as almost all of them contain fat.

At the same time, the answer to the question of how to lose weight fast is good and healthy fats. They can actually help you control your weight while eliminating fatigue and uplifting your mood. Unsaturated fats like nuts, avocados, soy milk, and even tofu should be included in your diet. Including such items in your diet will help you lose weight and remain healthy.

We often make certain mistakes like swapping fat for sugar or refined carbohydrates. We should not do that. Eat a low-fat yogurt instead of eating a no fat flavored milk. The milk will contain sugar for taste and no nutrition. So, make better choices.


The whole idea is taking one day at a time. Try and make smaller changes as they will help you sustain longer in your weight loss journey. Also, make sure to never skip your breakfast as your body needs food after such long hours of break in the night.

If you skip your meals, your body will develop a tendency to storing fat. Thus, your weight loss diet chart should consider all such points.

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